Every woman has a chance of getting a gynecological disease or disorder at least once during their life and this disorder can range from being mild and easily treatable to extreme and life-threatening. Gynecological disorders are disorders that affect a woman's reproductive health and in some cases, they can also cause extreme complications and even infertility.

The best way to keep the reproductive system healthy is to visit a gynae doctor in Siliguri as they provide good diagnosis, medication, treatment, and counseling. An annual visit to a gynecologist can help keep the reproductive system healthy and also help catch gynecological diseases and disorders early.

There can be many types of gynecological disorders that can affect different parts of the reproductive system and cause problems. With regular visits to a gynecologist, a person can catch these diseases and disorders early which can be vital for successful treatment and a healthy body.

Given below are some of the common gynecological disorders:

  • Dysmenorrhea – which are strong contractions that occur in the uterus and can cause lower back or abdominal pain
  • Ovarian Cysts – are sacks filled with fluid that develop on and around the ovaries and they have a chance of being tumors
  • Urinary Tract Infection – are infections caused by bacteria and they can cause burning sensations, cramps, and pain during sex
  • Endometriosis – is the condition where the inner lining of the uterus starts growing outside of it and can cause cramps, pain, bleeding, and even digestive problems.
  • Adnexal Tumors – are tumors that grow near the uterus and can cause many problems

Gynecological disorders and diseases can be caused by many things including lifestyle and the best way to prevent these diseases are regular visits to the doctor in case of problems and maintaining a healthy reproductive system by taking good care of it. Some of the ways to prevent these disorders are as follows:

  • Hygiene – as keeping the body clean and free from bacteria is very important.
  • Diet and exercise – help keep the body healthy which keeps its parts healthy
  • Self-breast examinations – should be done regularly to check for bumps or lumps
  • Safe sex – is important to prevent sexually transmitted diseases
  • Proper rest – as it contributes to having a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body
  • Periodic gynecological examination – as it helps catch diseases early and helps in staying healthy

The health of the reproductive system of a woman is very important as gynecological problems if left unchecked can cause huge complications. For anyone suffering from these types of diseases, it is recommended to visit a gynae doctor in Siliguri as they provide expert counseling and treatments which help keep the body healthy.